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Posted by on March 28, 2018

old friends

Hello everyone, thanks for seeking me out!

I’d love to have you follow along on Instagram at wadelincolnfineart.

Spring is blooming and so is the art scene in Marietta!

Please find me and the other great artists at the new North Park Gallery!

Formerly in an upstairs location and know as the Marietta Square Artists Attic, the new street level, open, bright, fantastically curated North Park Gallery is a high quality art destination!

Follow along and join us on 1st Fridays!

Here are some recent acrylics.

97C7701D-DF3E-4FDF-BCAC-9510AA3D554F Sailing 36×36F8B655B1-9630-4FA5-8803-F81E4AC0A997 Static 40×308729D41D-BBFA-455C-9916-6BF73A58A7A6 Poppies 36×3696DB26AA-0D33-4B1D-80A5-0515FB6DE993 Blue Moon 48×2442A3AD30-6AE6-4A5B-A453-B4FE686A8C80 Peace in The Valley 30×4078BAC45D-1CE6-4701-9FB9-C9EE134B4E1C Blue Cactus 36×36

FullSizeRender (9)

prairie rd 3 doors

4 branches daybreak

desert home desert1 FullSizeRender (61)  night at the lake

palm springs motel persuasion

winterblue  Processed with Snapseed.

the girl  FullSizeRender (10)on wind better zapp  cali 1962 (3)  HIGH TIDE LOW COUNTRY  ONE IN EVERY CROWD    FullSizeRender (69)    IMG_0091  FullSizeRender (77)  still life better zapp



ONTYBEETIME front cover-page-001ONTYBEETIME back cover-page-001

ON TYBEE TIME (AN ARTISTIC PICTORIAL) is a 102 page coffee table book about my favorite little beach town.  Get yours today!


the golden gate resized

photo (8)

jekyll (2)

motivation 2

new morning

starting over (2)


moonlight on pt. pinos

Bixby Bridge (Big Sur)

west by southwest

the power of suggestion

standing still








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